Let’s Travel To Five More Cities In New Mexico And Look At Restaurants

This is round three of taking a look at the top three restaurants in five cities in New Mexico. That means you will know where to get good eats in 15 cities across the state when all is said and done. Which cities will we go to this time? There are going to be some great restaurants for sure, and let’s get started by looking at what is out there in the city of Gallup.

Gallup, New Mexico is a lovely city, and there are 99 restaurants there. The #1 rated establishment is Badlands Grill, and it is a steakhouse. Then I owe you two more restaurants for this city, and they are Earl’s Restaurant and 505 Burgers. The next city we are going to is Las Vegas, and of course that is Las Vegas, New Mexico, not Las Vegas, Nevada.

In Las Vegas, Nevada, do you expect the top restaurant to have anything to do with a casino? The restaurant that gets top billing is Charlie’s Bakery And Cafe. El Fidel and The Skillet are two other restaurants that look like good places to pay a visit. It is time to move on to the third city in New Mexico though folks, and that city is Raton.

Raton, New Mexico has only 37 restaurants, so it is really important to pay attention to the top three spots. Bruno’s Pizza And Wings is the #1 restaurant, and now let’s look at the other two. The first is Enchanted Grounds, and you might be wondering what they serve. It’s a coffee shop of course, and then the third restaurant is Mulligans.

On to the 4th city in New Mexico, and this time we are going to Los Lunas, which has 59 restaurants. The top two restaurants in Los Lunas are Mexican restaurants. They are Teofilo Restaurant and TJ’s New Mexican. Marisco’s Altamar is a third unique restaurant that you might like.

The 5th city is going to be Socorro, and there are 37 restaurants there. Bodega Burger Company is the top rated restaurant there. Socorro Springs Brewing Company is the next one on the list. At #3 is El Camino, and just for a bonus, it is interesting to note that the next top restaurant in Socorro, New Mexico is another brewing company, Twisted Chile Brewing Company. That is all five cities, so it’s time to visit some restaurants.